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Welcome to ASCHENO Heritage Ltd, a highly respected provider of top-quality grains and raw materials in Nigeria. We cater to a wide range of customers, including food, vegetable oil extraction plants, feed mill industries, as well as individuals operating within and outside Nigeria. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between grain suppliers and users, serving everyone from the largest corporations to small and micro-enterprises.

Our product offerings include maize, guinea corn/sorghum, soya bean, rice, and more. We are passionate about sourcing the best grains to ensure our customers receive only the finest products for their satisfaction. At ASCHENO, our customers always come first.

In addition to grain supply, we also specialize in general merchandising, distributorships, supply chain services, commission agents, manufacturers’ representatives, and contractors. Our expertise in financial consulting and media capabilities sets us apart from our competitors, providing unmatched industry understanding.

We are committed to providing fast and high-quality solutions throughout the entire value chain of the industries we serve. Choose ASCHENO Heritage Ltd for all your grain and raw material needs, and experience the difference our passion and expertise can make.

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Andrian E. Oche

Managing Director

Stella N. Oche


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